DATE & TIME:  Tuesday 22 October 19:00


In this presentation, Adam Eason talks about the book whereby he combined two of his life-long loves - endurance running and self-hypnosis. Adam will be talking about being a very unnatural build for a runner and how he used self-hypnosis to help him run relatively fast marathons and make ultramarathons enjoyable experiences and how this formed the foundation for the book. He shows has science supports a great deal of the content and shares a number of strategies to improve endurance performance in any sport, including altering perception of effort, reducing pain, how to communicate with oneself effectively, and how to do so in a healthy fashion.


Adam Eason is a University Lecturer and researcher who has studied and explored applications of self-hypnosis in a wide variety of contexts - including within the sporting environment. He is himself an ultra marathon runner that has relied on his mental skills throughout. He lectures around the world sharing his research and teaching athletes and sports organisations how to employ the mind to advance performance, with regards to endurance sports in particular.


Forest Arts Centre

Tickets: £10

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